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Heat Recovery for Forced Draft Package Boilers

Heatmizer's 30 years of experience in design, application to all types of boilers, manufacture and 1000 service of economizers from 100 to 1600 BHP plus 45 years of boiler-burner experience combine to give you the most for your money in heat recovery from your boiler.

Designed for Low Temperature Operation

The Heatmizer concept is to direct the gas stream exiting the boiler through a separate device housing the final heat exchange surface. This concept permits stack temperatures to be reduced to a minimum for maximum overall efficiency without damage to the steel boiler surfaces. Any condensation that occurs is contained within the Heatmizer, which is designed with corrosion resistant materials and a condensate separation and drainage system to provide maximum service under these demanding conditions.

Designed with a Built-in Bypass

The Heatmizer can be automatically bypassed by closing the hot side gas damper and opening the cold side damper.

Process or domestic water heating.    Bypass used to limit storage tank temperature during periods of low water usage, such as nights or week ends.

Feedwater heating.    Bypass is normally opened during periods of firing standby oil with sulphur content, especially if water temperatures to the Heatmizer are below 200ºF. Also can be used in "cold boiler startup" for firetube boilers for the period of "no flow" of feedwater to the boiler.

Designed for Ease of Installation

The compact, lightweight design of the Heatmizer makes it possible to locate the unit directly on the boiler. A flanged mounting for the Heatmizer is provided to make a gas-tight pressurized connection to the boiler that provides the majority of support required for the Heatmizer and the vent. Lifting eyes are provided for additional suspension from ceiling beams, and brackets are also included if support to the floor is desired.

Designed for Maximum Savings

The Heatmizer is designed to maximize savings by utilizing the coldest water practical for the specific installation considering the fuels, equipment and environment involved. For example if you have a combination Gas-#2 Oil fired boiler where the oil is for standby firing for a few days only, the best economics may be to by pass the Heatmizer for this period rather than provide for higher temperature water (200ºF) to the Heatmizer to prevent acid corrosion from condensing the sulphur oxides in the #2 oil products of combustion.

Heatmizer works with you the customer to provide the most economic system for your specific needs.

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